Jenő Sebestyén


‘Een kennismaking met Jenő Sebestyén (1884-1950)’.

DNK 42 (2019) 163–180
DOI: 10.5117/DNK2019.91.003.AALD

Een kennismaking met J. Sebestyén


During the interwar period, the Hungarian theological professor Jenő Sebestyén was a well-known figure in the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands. He regularly visited the Netherlands and gave lots of lectures to raise money for charity work in Hungary. In 1930 the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam awarded him an honorary doctorate. After his death an In Memoriam appeared in Trouw on 8 June 1950, and on 12 April 1952 George Puchinger dedicated the issue of his magazine Polemios to this Hungarian neo-Calvinist. In the Netherlands there is little attention for him anymore. In this article I deal with three questions: how did Sebestyén come to study neo-Calvinism, what activities did he develop in that context, and what was the result of his efforts?

Keywords: Jenő Sebestyén, Hungary, interwar period, neo-Calvinism

Wat is het licht dat stervenden begroet? Ik wéét het niet, er zijn geen zekerheden. Maar twijfelloos wordt door mijn hart beleden Dat God daarin zijn kinderen ontmoet Uit: W.A.P. Smit, Ontmoeting met de dood