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New: Amsterdam Studies in Theology and Religion (AmSTaR)

VU University Press launches a new series, the Amsterdam Studies in Theology and Religion

(AmSTaR). It is a peer‐reviewed publication of VU University Press in cooperation with VISOR

(VU Institute for the Study of Religion) and the Faculty of Theology. It publishes dissertations

and scholarly monographs on a wide range of issues pertaining to theology and religion. The

series is open to publications in English, German and Dutch. The Editorial Board consists of

Prof. dr. C. van der Kooi, Dr. J.W. van Saane, Prof. dr. J.T. Sunier, Dr. P.G.A. Versteeg, and Dr.

A.W. Zwiep (Executive Editor).

Half March the first volume will be published:


Volume 1: Evangelical Theology in Transition

C. van der Kooi, E. van Staalduine‐Sulman, A.W. Zwiep (eds.), Evangelical Theology in

Transition: Essays Under the Auspices of the Center of Evangelical and Reformation Theology

(AmSTaR 1; Amsterdam: VU University Press, 2012) xiv + 256pp. ISBN 9789086596003. Pb €



This first instalment of the AmSTaR series explores recent developments in Evangelical

Christianity in the Netherlands. Dutch Evangelicalism can be understood as rooted in the

Reformation, Pietism and other renewal movements. This collection of articles by a number

of experts in the field reflects on the boundaries and intersections of the Evangelical

tradition in the Netherlands, with a special focus on the themes of transition and fusion. In

new cultural and societal circumstances, Dutch Evangelicalism is rapidly changing from a

minority group of dissenters to a more established and respected movement within

Protestantism and Dutch society. This raises a number of questions about identity, core

values, practices and beliefs. The contributors to this volume explore these issues from

historical, practical‐theological, political, biblical‐theological and hermeneutical perspectives

in an attempt to understand the role and significance of Evangelical faith in the twenty‐first




(1) Finding a Place of Holiness: Towards a Typological Characterization of Evangelical Churches in the

Netherlands (Henk Bakker) (2) The Evangelical Movement and the Enlightenment (Eveline van

Staalduine‐Sulman); (3) Distant Relatives: The Oxford Group and the Reformed Churches in Restored

Union (Maarten J. Aalders) (4) “A Banner That Flies Across This Land”: An Interpretation and

Evaluation of Dutch Evangelical Political Awareness Since the End of the Twentieth Century (Ad L.Th.

de Bruijne); (5) Ecclesiology in Context: Urban Church Planting in the Netherlands (Stefan Paas); (6)

The Impact of Liquid Church Discourse in Dutch Evangelical Churches: A Practical‐Theological Analysis

(René Erwich) (7) Health, Wealth and Prosperity: A Biblical‐Theological Reflection (Bernhard J.G.

Reitsma); (8): Creative Love Theism: The Doctrine of God in Reformed and Evangelical Theology

(Cornelis van der Kooi); (9) John Wesley On Salvation, Necessity and Freedom (Antonie Vos) (10) The

Wesleyan Quadrilateral Reconsidered: Wesley Meets Gadamer (Arie W. Zwiep).

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More volumes in preparation!

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